VBC/LBC Series 1S015552

  • VBC/LBC Series 1S015552

VBC/LBC Series 1S015552

V Series pneumatic cylinders are designed according to 1S06431 standard and
VDMA24562 standard, normal bore size from 32mm to 200mm, very popular in

European market and other countries. VBC/LBC series pneumatic cylinder is
classic product among all E.MC standard series pneumatic cylinders. VBC is
Mickey Mouse type pneumatic cylinder, while LEC is Tie-Rod type. Inner structure
is designed in global top technology, with upgrading at covers, piston with full

PU sealing system, machined with E.MC advanced Horizontal Machining Centers,
and global leading facilities, with high concentricity and guiding capability, terrific
stroke life up to 2000KM, which is equivalent to European leading pneumatic

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