Series APM212

  • Series APM212
  • Series APM212

Series APM212


The essential components of series APM212 external gear motors are an aluminium alloy body and two gearwheels supported by plain bearings.

The front flange can be the SAE standard, or the British or German OEM patterns.

Particular attention has been focussed on the design of the shaft seal, which is often affected by back-pressures


High overall efficiency thanks to optimised hydraulic compensation
Optimum quality/price ratio
Customised models can be built for specific applications
Low maintenance requirements, even in heavy-duty operating conditions
Various components and accessories are available for radial/axial loads, integral anti-cavitation valve, etc.



Unidirectional  (model code APM)
Reversible (model code APMR)
With integral anti-cavitation valve
With outrigger bearing for axial and radial loads


Agricultural machines
Construction machinery
Harvesting machines
Hydraulic tools