Internal Gear Pumps QXEH

  • Internal Gear Pumps QXEH
  • Internal Gear Pumps QXEH

Internal Gear Pumps QXEH


The QXEH series consists of single-stage pumps for both constant and variable speeds. Thanks to the use of high-precision gear parts with a pinion shaft (pinion and shaft as one component), extremely low pulsation levels are produced even at low speeds. In highly dynamic servo drives with reversing operation, the QXEH pumps offer maximum reliability.

In the overall product portfolio of QX internal gear units, the QEXH – as a single-stage pump with a maximum operating pressure of 280 bar – is positioned between pressure ranges 2 and 3 of the QX internal gear pumps.


Compact, non-compensated design
Very low nois levels
Pressure and flow pulsationsare minimal, thanks to pinion-shaft technology
Field-proven in both constant- and variable-speed drives
First-rate reliability at both high and low speeds and in reversing operation
Long service life even under highly cyclical loading


Hydraulic power units in general
Plastics-processing machinery
Pressure die-casting machines
Hydraulic presses, etc.
Wind-power plants

​Options / Accessories

Bolt-on valves
Pipe flanges​