Hydraulic Power Packs, Series UP

  • Hydraulic Power Packs, Series UP
  • Hydraulic Power Packs, Series UP

Hydraulic Power Packs, Series UP


These units feature a high degree of accuracy and have a wide application range. Bucher Hydraulics power packs are designed according an integrated modular system of valves for the various functions.

This highlights the equipment’s compact nature, the foundation of its high performance level.

The basic components of the power packs are:

a manifold block with cavities for various types of valves
a very quiet, high-efficiency gear pump
an electric motor (DC or AC)
a reservoir (plastic or steel)
several optional accessories


Compact and modular construction, limited number of components, quick and easy assembly
Maximum flexibility – numerous different circuits can be built from just the few basic versions
Valve cavities conform to international standards
Optimisation of motor-pump unit produce increased efficiency and low operating noise level


Reversible (UP40-UP50 only)
Manual/solenoid control, 2 way / 3 way / 4 way
Modular blocks for CETOP 2 – 3 solenoid valves
Emergency hand pump
Customised manifolds to match client’s specific requirements


Car lifters
Lift trucks
Scissor lifts
Medical equipments
Truck tailgate lifts
Lifting platforms
Equipments for disabled needs
Automation: opening/closing of swing doors, tailgates, safety locking systems, etc.
Machinery Directive 2006/42/CE documentation is available in LOGintern Area,-Series-UP/index.aspx​