Dyna-Lift ®

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Dyna-Lift ®

Dyna-Lift ®

Ergonomic, height-adjustable workbenches are quickly becoming the standard in industry. And as more people demand height-adjustability, Dyna-Lift ® is the standard for delivering it.

In addition to work tables, other common applications include hospital beds, assembly line fixtures, rehabilitation tables. Less conventional applications have included casket lifts, massage table lifts and lectern/podium lifts.

We have developed Dyna-Lift ® applications for many light and heavy industrial and medical applications, including a successful product to help Boeing make the production of airplane wings height-adjustable for workers.

Every customer has a special, unique need that they need Dyna-Lift ® to satisfy. That is why Bucher Hydraulics excels at timely response, outstanding research of our clients'' needs, engineering of the right applications and ultimately the best solution for each situation.

Dyna-Lift ® Benefits

OEM and Retrofit Kits Install Quickly
Improve Productivity
Increase Comfort
Comply with ADA & OSHA guidelines
Smooth and Quiet Operation
Units Shipped Fully Charged and Ready To Install