CAN-Bus System Solution

  • CAN-Bus System Solution
  • CAN-Bus System Solution

CAN-Bus System Solution


The CAN-Bus system enables flexible processing of control- ans sensor information; from this information it generates the electrical signals required to control the valves. The entire wiring rerequirement is reduced to a bus cable and a power supply line.


Increased system satety
Lower wiring costs resulting from simple cable arrangements
Greater ease of control
Range and scopes of functions can be increased at a later date
Diagnostic programmes 
Modular buid simplifies component replacement


The CAN-Bus system solution is used to control electrical acutated valves in mobile hydraulic systems.

Target applications areas include local authority vehicles, harvesting-, forestry- and construction machinery as well as systems for lifting/lowering and boom/mast positioning. In these applications, the positions and speeds (linear, rotary) of hydraulic acutators are controlled in open-and/or closed-loop mode.

With the advantages discribed, the CAN Bus system represents an optimum solution for application-specific drive requirements.​